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Nothing is more important than protecting your patrons.

Safety signs are a critical part of keeping your swimmers safe and fulfilling your legal duty to warn. But, most signs in use today are inadequate. Text-only messages and long rule lists bury important information. To be an effective layer of protection, signs must be seen and understood.


Video: Is your pool safe for the summer?


Watch our quick, 4-minute video to find out if your safety signs are effective. Plus, you’ll get the latest best practice tips that can help reduce risk and protect people – symbols, color-coding, repetition of messaging, and more!


Our System in Action

“We’re big fans of Clarion’s pool safety sign system. The signs are high visibility, making them very easy to see on a crowded pool deck. Swimmers understand our concerns – leading to a safer environment.”

Willamalane Park and Recreation District



Proven Effectiveness

Our pool safety signs have been ‘put to the test’ – undergoing extensive comprehension testing designed by independent experts and administered by the NDPA – confirming that key symbols and signs are quickly recognized and clearly understood by viewers.





Clarion's safety sign systems are expertly designed to comply with the latest standards and best practices. We can build a sign system to meet your specific needs and requirements. Complete our pool safety sign checklist to get started today.


We're proudly trusted and endorsed in the industry. Our pool safety signs have been featured on CNN and ABC News’ Good Morning America in segments on water safety.