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Welcome Friends of
Shallow Water Blackout!

Clarion Safety Systems is a proud water safety partner of the Shallow Water Blackout Prevention (SWBP) group, helping in its mission to prevent senseless deaths from underwater blackout through awareness and education. We both understand that education and safety signage work hand in hand to save lives.

An important safety step advocated by SWBP is posting Clarion’s “No Long Breath Holding” signs at pool-side. These innovative signs – which are an integral part of Clarion’s pool safety sign system – explain the hazard of underwater breath holding and how to avoid it, using a standards-based graphical symbol to convey the message to all age groups and across language barriers. Clarion’s “No Long Breath Holding” signs, shown below, are intended to work together to explain the dangers of shallow water blackout and then to reinforce the message. In addition to these stand-alone signs, the “No Long Breath Holding” message can be incorporated into multi-hazard signs and multi-lingual signs.

Size: 12" x 12"

Price: $32.30

Size: 14" x 10"

Price: $31.40

Your purchase of these signs not only helps to protect your pool area – it also helps support the work of SWBP. As part of our water safety partnership, Clarion donates $5 of each sign sale to SWBP. Thank you for joining our efforts to help prevent drowning!



These "No Long Breath Holding" signs are one element of Clarion's pool safety sign system. We can help you build a full pool safety sign system – to warn about other core water safety messages – customized to your facility's specific needs.




Shallow water blackout is a sudden, silent killer. The real crisis is lack of awareness of the dangers associated with long breath holding. Educate yourself through Clarion’s Learning Center, which includes water safety videos.


Video: Is your pool safe?


Watch our quick, 4-minute video to find out if your safety signs are effective. Plus, you’ll get the latest best practice tips that can help reduce risk and protect people – symbols, color-coding, repetition of messaging, and more!